Animals in Bushman Medicine

From 2005-2008 Dr Chris Low was PI on a fully funded ESRC project ‘Animals in Bushman Medicine’. A summary  of animals used by the San / Bushman   can be found listed in tables below.

                                                                              Paul Howabeb

                                                                   Profile of a Hai||om Healer

                                      This section provides a brief introduction to one of the healers I have met, Paul Howabeb

Paul passed away some years ago. When I last saw him he confirmed that he was happy for me to share this material.

Paul’s healing strategy juggles many of the shamanic and ‘supernatural potency’ ideas and practices found amongst the better known Ju|’hoansi Bushmen, among other groups. His style of healing is typical of many healers Hai||om healers. This video and biography raises significant questions concerning the cultural relationships between different KhoeSan groups and their neighbours and by implication how old and how distinctive or hybridised Kalahari Bushman healing might be.


The two 6 minute videos featured below are excerpts taken from, firstly, a 15 minute beed reading in which Paul established the cause of a  woman’s sickness and, secondly, Paul’s healing dance. His dance typically  lasted about 2 ½  hours. Both films were taken in 2001.

                                                         Massage among the KhoeSan

Massage is a primary health care strategy of the KhoeSan.
Prior to my study conducted as part of my DPhil, massage had barely been mentioned in any documentation of the KhoeSan.
Below are a selection of videos that relate to more details found here