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DPhil Thesis

Khoisan Healing: Understandings, Ideas and Practices Khoisan_thesis

Book chapters

Chris Low. 2008. ‘Khoisan wind:hunting and healing’, in E. Hsu and C. Low (eds), Wind, Life, Health. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing, pp. 65-84 imap227 Published Khoisan wind

Christopher H. Low, ‘Different histories of Buchu: Euro-American appropriation of San and Khoekhoe knowledge of Buchu plants’, in Sarah Johnson (ed.) Indigenous knowledge. ‘Themes in Environmental History’, Cambridge: The White Horse Press. imap227 published buchu



Chris Low. 20012. ‘KhoeSan shamanistic relationships with snakes and rain’, Journal of Namibian Studies, 12: 71-96 Low Snakes and Rain JNS

Chris Low. 2014. “Khoe-San ethnography, ‘New Animism’ and the interpretation of southern African rock art”. South African Archaeological Bulletin 69 (200): 164-172. SAAB Khoesan ethnography new animism

Chris L0w 2015. ‘The role of the body in Kalahari San healing dances’. Hunter Gatherer Research 1.1: 29-60 The Role of the Body

A pre-publication version of  Chris Low, ‘Gatherers of Knowledge: Namibian Khoisan healers and their world ofpossibilities’, in David Johnson (ed.), The Changing Landscape of Education in Africa: Quality, Equality and Democracy, Oxford Studies in ComparativeEducation (Symposium Books, 2008), pp. 161-181.Education paper on gatherers of knowledge

A pre-publication version of Chris Low, ‘Working with potency: the role of weather in KhoeSan healing’ in Barboza, Christina & Jankovic, Vladimir (eds.), Weather,local knowledge and everyday life: issues in integrated climate studies (Rio de Janeiro,  MAST, 2008).LOW Working with potency

A short article on massage written for a physiotherapy audience  InTouch_September_2008_Final


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