Current and Forthcoming Activity

At Bath Spa University  Chris Low works with four other scholars (Sian Sullivan, Rick Rhode, Mike Hannis and Angela Impey ) on a five years  AHRC project: Future Pasts in an Apocalyptic Moment: A Hybrid Analysis of ‘Green’ Performativities and Ecocultural Ethics in a Globalised African Landscape.The project explores how apocolyptic tropes are shaping cultural responses to perceived and actual environmental change, and hence acting to transfer particular past and present values forwards into the future.Within this project Chris is pursuing a series of themes

  • Who is Haitsi-Eibeb (or Haiseb) – a GIS mapping of the stone ‘graves’ of this KhoeSan trickster figure that plots ‘his?’ changing faces and roles through time
  • Indigenous relationships with environmental change – how are Bushmen being drawn into accounts of environmental change; “I don’t know how it works anymore”: environmental change and the breakdown of intuition

!Khwa ttu San Culture and Training Centre

Curating  a new San museum.

This multi-million Rand project will:

  • showcase San history relative to the  Western Cape site of !Khwa ttu.
  • explore the genocide of the San, seeking to contextualize the extreme brutality of colonialism relative to the fate of other global indigenous peoples  and the Euro-American emergence of Science.
  • take visitors into the physical and sensory world of the San
  • explore hunter-gatherer life as a root into low impact living and sustainability ( in cooperation with the Environmental Research and Learning Centre, Rhodes University)

The site

Aerial 031 all buildings at angle

Planning the new archive

me presenting archive


Introducing Tracking into Mainstream Education

Chris Low is leading a  team including Mike Kessler (University of Vermont), Alex van  den Heever (General Manager,  The Tracker Academy) and Soul Shava (environmental education lecturer UNISA) who are working together to integrate tracking into the South African university setting. The project locates itself in progressive heritage.



 Educational Material for the San

!khwa ttu meeting old 368_buildings_279 Thinking Threads is working on educational initiatives with !Khwa ttu aimed at:

  • enhancing the status of the San by working through the South African National Curriculum
  • generating educational material that builds on San knowledge
  • publish folklore and details of every day life amongst the ≠Khomani that fosters heritage, can be used as an in school language aid and can be sold by the author’s of the booklets to tourists for personal benefit (currently working with the very kind assistance of Prof. Willi Haacke on Khoekhoegowab translations and the zoologist / wildlife illustrator David Bygott)
  • developing environmental sustainability training courses at !Khwa ttu

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