From ice to heat

Strange days indeed. Have been in South Africa for past week. Ran 15 miles along a coast road in the Western Cape in blazing sunshine – at Yzerfontein in case anyone knows it. Wore the xeroshoes. Have decided that getting the miles in will take too long if I have to wait for my feet to become blister proof. Will try alternating between feet and xeroshoes. They are amazing things. I have been wearing them all the time or going barefoot. Most comfortable and can even do trails in them (slowly !)

My great OMM ( original mountain marathon) rucksack with camelback left me with two large raw patches on my back so not so pleased.Tomorrow I  have to get equipment fixed to roofrack  on the mighty Landy, and then squeeze in a long run. Trouble is I tried a quicker 8 miles yesterday down by the Orange River but I think the road was worse than I thought. Two blisters after only 3 miles barefoot. Most frustrating. Not sure what running will be like by the Brandberg – rocky and tough methinks…hmmm

About Chris

Chris Low is a London based academic, increasingly southern African charity worker, and a person who like to feel alive by playing music, telemark skiing and, as of recently, running barefoot

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