Pesky little tikes.

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Went to run 14 miles on Saturday, strangely I think it was only 12. Stuck the xeroshoes on too late and those pesky blisters on the balls of the feet came back. Otherwise all felt good. Once again I think the rain made the ground hard going. The pavement around Regents Park is also a bit rough – but probably better than many road sections on the marathon. Makes me think I might be better training in the Xeroshoes and taking them on and off more for the marathon.

Have bought the luxury xeroshoes as smart shoes for Africa – am also keeping the beard until after the race! Biggest yet – tricky with the soup….!

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Decided to buy a GPS watch for training in Africa. A bit against my minimalist message. Quite appalling service in all the running shops around here – tried 6 shops and not one had assistants who knew anything about the watches they were selling. I knew more after 10 minutes on the internet. And then it was over £45 cheaper on the internet. Shops will be going methinks..

Have been keeping up with foot and core exercises and rowing machine to make up for not running. Have no idea how the training schedule will go in South Africa and Namibia – can only try!

Gave a talk at the British School of Osteopathy this evening comparing Bushmen healing to osteopathy. I think it went down well. Great material though ( even if I say so myself) – the Healing Dance as a series of techniques to ecstasy. That was the theme.

My work is being features in an exhibition

 Anne Haaning has been working with some of my Bushmen wind material for this exhibition. I wish her luck and look forward to visiting.

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Chris Low is a London based academic, increasingly southern African charity worker, and a person who like to feel alive by playing music, telemark skiing and, as of recently, running barefoot

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