You are all dreamboats !!

Feel good about yourselves ! Have surpassed the £1500 target thanks to all your generosity. Well now I just feel I have to go for £2000. I feel doubly justified in this following some stats that came out at a Tusk reception last night.

They pointed out that currently a rhinoceros is killed every 11 hours; there are an estimated 400,000 elephants in Africa but up to 45,000 are being slaughtered a year; now that tiger’s are virtually extinct the Asian ‘medical’ market is turning to lions. There are only 40,000 lions left in Africa.

Now I should have all this data at my fingertips but I was surprised. Will be checking the sources but even if it is vaguely right this is absolutely chilling – and this is just what is going on with the high profile animals…

On the other note – quite excited. Have realised that my feet just might be a little challenged by the poor roads and detritus of the Marathon. The solution ??  Will be carrying some crazy DIY minimalist sandal kits. Just tried them out out for 7.5 miles round Hyde Park. Really good because it feels safe to run in the dark and through the hairy grass and dodgy muddy bits

In the marathon I plan to  slip them on for the rough stuff.

photo (5)


Okay so the feet aren’t great but at least I am using them. This is the plates of meat after the 7.5 miles. I love the idea of just a piece of rubber and string working so well. I did not want to cut the laces on the first trial so just wound them round my feet a bit. IN 7.5 miles I did not have to adjust them once and they felt just dandy !

photo (4)

Glad it is the 4 mm and not the 6mm sole. They already block out much of the sensitivity and when you can’t feel the ground the trouble begins.

All the best to all you lovely sponsors and you equally lovely readers who I am sure will be moved by these figures…I genuinely think TUSK will use your money extremely well.


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Chris Low is a London based academic, increasingly southern African charity worker, and a person who like to feel alive by playing music, telemark skiing and, as of recently, running barefoot

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