It is all very well having these marathon training programmes but how they are meant to fit into real life I have no idea?? And how dull. Nowhere do they say get out and play for three hours, do something knackering.

Well, geography dictates this one. Skiing and snow hole building – has to add up surely?

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Although it has been mild so far there is enough snow for a basic snow hole. Not quite the depth we had last year though. Currently it is about 60cms in the garden. Last year around this time there was probably a good 1m plus. Difficult to make it high enough to stand up in.

Mighty good for the abdominals shoveling out that snow.


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I am delighted to say that all this exercise has just transformed my telemarking experience. Not getting completely exhausted down one run is a dream. I can ski all day (ish) and really am beginning to feel what it means to get those edges. Skiing with cowboy style bowed legs seems to be the key. Mighty fine.

Yesterday braved the snow and my ankles.
Ran for about 4kms up the mountain road. Felt great and no blisters so hopefully back on track.
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Chris Low is a London based academic, increasingly southern African charity worker, and a person who like to feel alive by playing music, telemark skiing and, as of recently, running barefoot

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