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Welcome to Thinking Threads and the research pages of Dr Chris Low

Thinking Threads is a not-for-profit involved in education and empowerment of KhoeSan peoples. Current Thinking Threads initiatives include: producing 'place based' educational material for San schools; introducing tracking into the South African university sector; part of a team setting up a new San museum at !Khwa ttu, South Africa; implementation of a major international internet archive portal.

"If you sit down under a tree - don't forget to look up" Andrew Kruiper 2013

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    Forthcoming Engagements

    University of Guelph-Humber,Toronto, Canada, March 18-23, Symposium: Global Aboriginal Health
    The other side

    The other side

    From barefoot running to telemark skiing
    In the research pages of Chris Low you will find a wealth of information on the Khoekhoe and San (Bushmen) of southern Africa.The site includes papers, film, pictures, paintings and audio from work amongst the KhoeSan (Khoekhoe and San ), mostly on healing and hunter-gatherer environmental relationship (spirit, resource use, skills, challenges)