Thinking Threads

Connecting scholars and mobilising research to address real world problems


Indigenous healing

Dr Chris Low has spent 22 years working with KhoeSan on issues of health and healing.


From educational materials to folklore, to delivery of a world class heritage centre

Human / Environmental Relationships

Generating ideas and debate to address the big questions.

Have a listen below to Joram |Useb, Gakemotho Satau and Chris Low, featured in a BBC Radio 4 programme (1/8/2018), Living with Nature

!Khwa ttu San Heritage Centre

Since 2009  Thinking Threads has networked scholars working with southern African Khoekhoe and Bushmen / San peoples.

Thinking Threads makes research valuable by promoting sharing  and undertaking initiatives to support communities. 

Since  2014 Thinking Threads has focussed on delivering an indigenous co-curated heritage centre for the San.

The centre opened in Sept 2018. In 2019 Dr Chris Low, the founder of Thinking Threads was appointed !Khwa ttu San Heritage Centre Museum Director.

Dissolving Borders
Crafting Solutions